March 2, 2017

Single End Tenoning Machine



Holytek’s ST series Single End Tenoning Machine has many outstanding features.  There s a choice of helical or straight cutterheads making these machines suitable for hard and soft materials alike.  Both the to and bottom tenon heads can be either individually or simultaneously vertically adjusted.  The saw mechanism is mounted in front of the tenon heads for cutting stock to the desired length.  It can be adjusted vertically and can use a maximum 12” diameter blade.  Additionally, there is a sawblade guard and dust filter that not only provides added operational safety but also prevents chips from entering into the dust collector.  These are just a few of the excellent features  Increase your efficiency and profit with the reliable ST Series from Holytek.


MODEL ST-120A ST-152A ST-152B
Maxum Tenon Cut length 120mm 152mm 152mm
Width 370mm 370 mm
Thickness 112mm 127 mm
Max. tenoning cutterhead size ?105mm (dia) 120mm (long) ?110mm (dia) 152mm (long) ?105mm (dia) 120mm (long)
Max. shaping cutter size ?10" ?10" ?63/8"
Max. sawblade diameter ?12" ?12" ?12"
Spindle Diameter Tenon Spindle ?1" ?11/4" ?11/4"
Cope Spindle ?1" ?1" ?11/4"
Saw Spindle ?1" ?11/4" ?11/4"
Spindle Speed Tenon Spindle 3400 RPM 3400 RPM 3400 RPM
Cope Spindle 3600 RPM 3600 RPM 3600 RPM
Saw Spindle 2800 RPM 2800 RPM 2800 RPM
Motor Horsepower Saw & tenon head 3HP 5HP 5HP
Cope head 2 HP 3 HP 3 HP
Sliding table area 1280 x 450 mm 1280 x 450mm 1280 x 450mm
Net weight 500 kgs 530 kgs 600kgs
Gross weight 620 kgs 650 kgs 720 kgs
Machine dimensions (L x W xH) 1680x1840x1150mm 1680x1840x1150mm 1680x1840x1150mm
Packing dimensions (L x W xH) 1700x780x1400mm 1700x780x1400mm


To know in detail about the product & extended specifications, please download our Brochure by clicking here