February 7, 2017

Panel Saws

Panel Saw P-3200TM


Designed  with Heavy-Duty  performance, advanced concepts, precision and  reliability in mind, the sliding panel saw series  from HOLYTEK  will provide  extraordinary  benefits.  Each  Machine is ruggedly constructed  to ensure maximum rigidity and stability.  Also, the  advanced design of the carriage  guarantees the best dimensional accuracy and finish.

Model P3200TM
Rectified cast iron fixed table dimensions 620 x 1,000
Sliding table dimensions 380 x 2,600 / 3,200 / 3,800
Main saw blade Ø305 (12”)
Main saw blade Ø355 (14”) V
Main saw bore Ø30 mm. (Ø25.4”)
Max. cutting height with blade at 90° 100
Max. cutting height with blade at 45° 70
Main motor power 7.5HP (5.5 kw.)
Main motor power 10HP (7.5 kw.) V
Main blade speed 3,000 / 4,000 / 5,000 / 6,000 r.p.m.
Scoring saw blade Ø120
Scoring saw blade bore Ø22
Scoring motor power 1HP (0.75 kw)
Scoring blade speed 8,000 r.p.m.
Cutting width 1,000 mm.
Cutting width 1,300 mm. V
Cutting width 1,500 mm. V
Cutting width adjustment Manual
Saw table extension 400 mm.
Saw table extension 800 mm. (CE) V
Mitre fence
Blade tilting adjustment Manual (0° ~ 45°)
Main saw height adjustment Manual
Scoring saw height adjustment Manual
Scoring saw ± direction adjustment Manual
Blade tilting angle display Simple / Digital display
Main blade speed display Simple / Digital display
Overhead saw guard Simple / Luxurious / CE
Blade tilting angle digital display V
Main blade speed digital display V
Crosscut fence digital display V
Rip fence digital display V
V Optional

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