February 15, 2017

Mitre Cutting Saw

Woodtech.in Machines


  • JS-160Horizontal Double Miter Saw for Wood
    • Alternating saw blades straight feed in horizontal direction provides width of cut up to 160mm.
    • Equipped with wear-resistant linear motion guides for accurate angle of cut.
    • Allows for right or left cutting individually.
    • Right and left cutting alternately fully eliminates waste of workpiece.
    • Cutting angle is easy to adjust.
    • Fence and sawblades clearance are adjustable to ensure burr-free cutting.


    Double Miter Saw for Aluminium

    • Cutting feed side driven by an air/hydraulic combination power for smooth feed speed.
    • Vertical and horizontal workpiece clamping design ensures extremely firm clamping for any kind of aluminium workpiece.
    • Workpiece clamping pressure is adjustable to eliminate aluminium deformation problem.
    • Automatic oil mist cooling for sawblades provides burr-free surface of cut, while extending the sawblades life.
    • Double sawblades construction provides fast cutting time, time saving and greatly upgrades efficiency.
    • Foot switch control for automatic workpiece clamping and cutting.
    • Designed for cutting long and short workpieces.


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Download the Brochure