February 7, 2017

Hydraulic Frame Presses

Pressers Woodtech


The Hydraulic Frame Presses is designed of rugged construction and especially hi-power combined with accurate operation.  The pressing action can be hydraulically locked at any position, so that, even at max. Power, the pressing frame are no less accurate, the upper frame side unit & the vertical cyl. Support are equipped with rules, convenient for operating, the vertical cylinder movement & positioning is employed the springs balances facilitates, due to various pressing case, the vertical & side cylinders can be moved randomly.


MODEL  PF-3017
Plate size 3,000 x 1,700 mm.
Vert.cyl.stroke 150 mm.
Side cyl. Stroke 100 mm.
Hyd.power 3 HP
N.W. / G.W. 870 / 1000 kgs.
Machine size 3,800 x 1,100 x 2,700 mm.

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