March 2, 2017

Hydraulic Copy lathe & Turning Groove



  • This Hydraulic Copy lathe & Turning Groove model is a unique turning tool copy lathe.  Its distinguishing feature is that it doesn’t need to have a molding tool produced in advance, but rather just provide the wood article or copy shape sheet and cutter, and then reap the finished products, saving on time and costs by eliminating the need for tool production.
  • It is suitable for various items in small quantities, or large quantity wood working processing that required changing the shape of the article at any time.
  • The machine peels with linear slide tracks and is installed with an electric force auto grease system to enhance the machine’s capacity and life.
  • Peeling operation is performed with electric PLC and hydraulic tower controller. It could enhances the machine’s flexibility and stability while in operation.
  • The machine employs a dust-proof electrical system. The hopper feeder is hydraulic operated, while the tailstock center is hydraulically operated to clamp the workpiece.
  • A guide ring supports the workpiece firmly while cutting to ensure the maximum stability and accuracy of operation.
  • Equipped with three sets of cutters for cutting any complicated profile, a half round cutter & “U” type cuts for rough cutting, an there is a “V” type cutter for finish cutting.
  • Equipped with two sets of right-angle cutter rests w/hydraulic auto control.
  • Precision ball screw system for transmitting replacements of hydraulic cylinder.
Headstock Center 2pcs
Tailstock Center 2pcs
Guide Ring 2pcs
Round Shaving Knife 2pcs
U pattern knife (roughing) 2pcs
V pattern knife (finishing) 2pcs
Right-angle cutter 2pcs
* All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalog are subject to change without prior notice.

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