February 17, 2017

Heavy Duty Panel Saw

Champ FOND CS-85


  • Rigi Heavy duty machine Frame
  • Heavy duty saw carriage capable of speed 90M/min (or faster depending on requirement)
  • TheAC servo driven NC Gripper unit capable of speeds up to 67M/min
  • Maximum Saw blade projection 85mm. Powered by the flexible PLC Command
Model CS 85
Saw Carriage speed 90M/min
Main Saw motor 15HP
Scoring Saw motor 2HP
Saw carriage driven motor 1HP
Gripper unit speed 67M/min
NC Panel Pusher motor AC Servo motor
Maximum penl width 3250mm
Maximum pnel length 3100 mm
saw blade projection fixed 85mm
Main saw speed 4400 rpm
Scoring saw speed 7000 rpm
compress air required 7~10kg/cm (100~147 PSI)
Net weight 3950 kg
Gross weight, pallet only  4650 kg
Packing dimensions 20feet container required

To know in detail about the product & extended specifications, please download our Brochure by clicking here