February 7, 2017

Glue Spreaders



Roller Type:

Holytek Roller Type Glue Spreader is designed and manufactured for uniform gluing with maximum simplicity and minimum trouble.  The glue spreader consists of a smooth steel guling roller and doctor roller.  Gap between gluing and doctor rollers is adjustable to varying glue film thickness on the workpiece.  Roller surfaces are precision ground and hardened.  This series of glue spreader provides 3 models with choices of 24”, 36” and 48” widths.  Additional options are double or single slide gluing to meet your production requirements.



  • The Chain Conveyor type Glue Spreader is designed for automatic continuous gluing operations. When the conveyor starts running, the workpiece moves over the gluing roller, spreading glue on the workpiece bottom.
  • The gluing and doctor rollers’ gap is adjustable to varying glue film thickness on workpiece. After the job is accomplished, the stainless steel glue pan and effective grooved chrome surface steel roller can easily be removed for cleaning.
  • The AN-030 glue spreader has 3M of length machine (5M length is optional) and 420mm working width. Custom conveyor lengths are available upon request.
  • Single side & double side gluer upon request.
MODEL  AN030 (3M) AN030 (5M)
Motor 1/2 HP 3 P 1/2 HP 3 P
Working width 420 mm. 420 mm.
Total length 3 M 5 M
N.W. / G.W. (kgs.) 500 / 600 300 / 400
Packing size (cm.) 300 X 95 X 120 312 X 85 X 85

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