February 7, 2017

Finger Joint Line-Auto and Semi-Auto



  • The finger joint system is ruggedly constructed throughout for maximum rigidity and stability
  • Equipped with an air reservoir to ensure stable motions of air systems
  • All axial adjustments in 0.01mm. Using mechanical digital readout
  • Designed for large solid wood processing companies to exploit residual timber economically
  • Completely new machine concept with outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Movable air clamps on the finger assembler provide smooth jointing without workpiece fixing problems
  • specially designed continuous air exhaust ensures positive clamping effect
  • A transfer conveyor table located in front of the finger assembler provides convenience for workpiece feeding
  • All air cylinders are seperately controlled for convenient operation and maintenance
  • Employs german linear motion guides on the left and right finger shaper
  • Synchronized transmission for top and bottom feeding roller for assembler
  • New design w/chain feeding and prepress unit for better joint mechanism and higher performance capacity
Automatic & Semi-Auto Finger Joint System
25LC, 25RC, 15AH, 20AH, 16RS, 25RS
Fully Auto. Finger Jointer Systems
20AH/15AH: Finger Joint Assembler
20PR: Pre-Assembling Station with Double Chain Link
25AF: Automatic Programmable Flipping Station
25CT1: Transfer Conveyor Table
25LC/25RC: Finger Joint Shaper
25CT2: Feeding Table With 2 Packages

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