February 7, 2017

Clamp Carriers



  • Holytek clamp carriers are very simple and most efficient equipment - with maximum  rigidity and durability.  Every machine has a special  steel frame. large diameter shafts,  heavy-duty chains,  large cast iron sprockets, and an auto clamp carrier  rotation cycle,  all of which   help to minimize operator fatigue and maximise productivity.
  • Our super heavy duty clamps with zinc plated corrosion resistant, 1”X2” rails and huge 7/8” screws provide super strength and durability. Clamps have a 3 ½” high jaw and with accessories will laminate up to 6” (optional).
  • The rear jaw is quickly and easily repositioned for different panel widths.
  • The Pneumatic Panel Flattener is designed to hold down the stock flat while each clamp is tightened.
  • Hold down bars is designed for edge gluing these panels (of less than 20mm). They prevent the boards from springing out of the clamps during tightening (optional).
  • The fully Automatic Clamp carrier is the ideal labor-saving device for high production. The automatic carriage traverse from left to right, flattening panels and tightening clamps that pass on the circuit.
  • Used for edge, face, assembly and laminating gluing, the ready-to-apply glues are usually alphatic and polyvinyl acetate adhesives. These glues seep through the tiny wood pares and set the remnant compound adhering quite strongly under the proper polymer specifications, solvents, heat, etc.,

To know in detail about the product & extended specifications, please download our Brochure by clicking here